View Full Version : Nice to meet you all! NYC

21st March 2014, 10:37
Good morning,

I am a new member to the forum but have been reading the forum for quite some time. I am looking to get back in to studying martial arts. I have studied a bit of tae kwon do, Kenpo and boxing as a teen. I am interested in Aikijujutsu and will be attending a local dojo soon.

I look forward to talk with you all.


Cady Goldfield
21st March 2014, 13:11
Hi Brian, welcome to E-Budo.
Just a reminder: E-Budo requires all members to use their full, real names in either their registration data or in their posts. Since your registration doesn't include your full name, please create a signature with your first and last name that will appear in all your posts. Thanks, and we hope you enjoy the forums.

21st March 2014, 17:14
Thank you. I appreaciate it.