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4th June 2014, 21:25

I wanted to take a few minutes to introduce myself in this section. I have been lurking for a short amount of time, attempting to educate myself on the world and practice of Japanese martial arts. This is a new area for me, I have do not have any friends or family that have spent anytime in the martial arts world.

I have been reading threads, articles, blogs, and books as I come across them through recommendations on this site and koryu.com and have quite the wish list of books going.

I have about a year and a half of experience with kumdo and some iai kata that came along with that training. I did kumdo because it was conveniently located and I was interested in the sword arts. My school has since closed and I am exploring my options as I am interested koryu bujutsu.

I am very impressed with the manner that people conduct themselves and the breadth of knowledge of the members here.

Its nice to meet you all.

Cady Goldfield
5th June 2014, 15:02
Welcome to E-Budo.
I hope that our koryu bujutsu forums will be a useful resource for you in your search for new training options. Enjoy!

5th June 2014, 21:39
Thank you for the welcome!