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29th September 2014, 19:42
Hi all,

Technically not a new member, but never did my introductions when I first signed.

I live in Hampshire, South of the UK and have been practicing Japanese based Martial Arts
for around 12 years now. Before finding my calling in Budo, I initially started out in Taekwondo
for 2 years.

Now most of my background is in Goshinjutsu / modern Jujutsu, with some Xingyiquan (Chinese Internal Art) thrown in. However I have always had an interest in the Koryu and as of last year had the good fortune in having the opportunity of learning Tenjin Shinyo-ryu Jujutsu under the direction of Paul Masters-shike, Menkyo Kaiden and his sons at Tenyokai International.

Doubling the good fortune I also had the opportunity to learn Hyoho Niten Ichi-ryu Kenjutsu, which I'm currently doing with the good folks at Hyoho Niten Ichi-ryu UK group.

I look forward to learning / contributing where I can in these forums.

29th September 2014, 20:37
Welcome to the forum!
Koryu jujutsu was one of those things that was available in the area, but I was never able to manage to make the extra time to pursue it. Always regretted that!
Next time you go to HNIR, tell Scott sensei that I said hi!


30th September 2014, 09:28
Thanks Paul,

I look forward to getting to grips with e-budo properly and contributing where I can.

It's a shame when certain Koryu groups / resources move away or become difficult to access. I feel we are fortunate in the UK to have access to some of the Koryu with experienced representatives of the ryuha. For a time I thought they didn't exist, however after some good research it became clearer.

I'll say hi to Scott for you. I'll be seeing him at the end of October. Cheers!!!

Btw, how does one insert a closing signature on e-budo? Is there a trick to it? or FAQ I can read? Thanks in advance...

P Goldsbury
30th September 2014, 11:44

Welcome to E-Budo.

To insert a closing signature, open the Forum Actions menu. The menu is one of the dark brown menu items just below Home, Forum, Blogs, What's New? Choose the last item in the Forum Actions menu, which is Edit Profile. There you see the item Edit Signature. You can then make your closing signature.

30th September 2014, 16:03
Great, thanks Peter. :)