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Luis Alcaraz
23rd December 2014, 18:36
Greetings. Although I am not a new member per se, this is the first time I write. Also, I am a great procrastinator, so I should have posted this years ago, but well, it is better to start at some point that not at all. I see most people post a mini resume of their martial arts experience, so due to a lack of writer's imagination, I will proceed as such.

I started training Shotokan Karate back in Mexico, and I trained for about 22 years or so. The rank I held was Ni Dan. Unfortunately, preparing for Ni Dan I pulled a Hamstring, and had to go to Physical therapy. This time off, actually let me start training in a more "Japanese" martial art: Aikido, under Yutaka Kurita Shihan in Mexico City. I loved it, every moment of it.

Again, my life gave another turn, as I moved to Newark, NJ to prepare for the US medical boards (I am currently a physician in NYC) and put a halt in my Martial arts studies. As soon as I started to train as a Specialist here, I resumed my training, but this time doing what I really always wanted to: Swordsmanship, traditional Japanese martial arts. I am currently training Shinkage Ryu in NYC, have been for 4 years and counting.

I also started training Akijujitsu, for 1 year effectively, but I had to put it in hold due to my 2 babies being born. My wife needs me on my off time, and so do my kids. I hope I can resume Daito Ryu training afterwards.

So there it is, my mini resume. I hope I can exchange Ideas and knowledge with all of you. And maybe a good cooking recipe or two ( I love barbecuing!! And anything related to the kitchen).

In all, the martial arts community, particularly the traditional Japanese martial arts community, is very small. Compared to others, like soccer/football/tennis communities, we are minute, but strong in our beliefs and commitment. So I feel solace to know that there are ways of being in touch as brothers/sisters in budo, possibly forging and advancing friendships through this media.

I salute you all

Carina Reinhardt
25th December 2014, 08:23
Hello Luis,
Welcome to EBudo and Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad!

P Goldsbury
25th December 2014, 12:18
Hello Mr Alcaraz,

I see that you joined E-Budo in 2011 and that the opening post in this thread was your second post. I hope you will contribute many more.

All good wishes for 2015 and beyond.

Brian Owens
28th December 2014, 22:13
Greetings, and a belated welcome. I trained under Kurita Yutaka's brother, Kurita Minoru Shihan, but in sword and staff arts rather than Aikido per se. I look forward to your contributions here.

Feliz Navidad y Próspero Año Nuevo.