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11th February 2015, 23:05
Hi All,

Over the years I’ve found some very interesting and informative threads on this forum, but I’ve only just now decided to advance beyond the lurking stage.

I “retired” a few years ago from practicing and teaching traditional jiu-jutsu and karate-jutsu in order to focus on dance, both teaching and performing (I was a dancer before I was a fighter, plus a nasty training injury had seriously cramped my style). J-J, K-J, and, of all things SUMO, are excellent complements to dance, and I still drill some of the movements and techniques. I also teach a fitness class based on sumo conditioning exercises.

I’m a certified FAST Defense coach – although currently without a working team – having trained under the founder, Bill Kipp, who is nowhere near as mean as he looks! :D

The moderators deserve a huge "thank you" for keeping this forum so civil. I look forward to exchanging ideas and being part of the E-Budo conversation!

P Goldsbury
11th February 2015, 23:28

Welcome to E-Budo.

E-Budo has quite a long history and there us much information in the archived threads.

Best wishes,

18th February 2015, 02:07
Hi Helga,

I've seen some of your shiko videos. You have a very graceful shiko like Takanohana. Welcome to the forum. I hope you can share some thoughts about sumo taiso in the Sumo section!


22nd February 2015, 19:56
Thank you, Chris. I would love to share some ideas and observations about sumo taiso, the first being that it is an excellent form of conditioning no matter which martial art you practice!