View Full Version : Hello everyone. New member from Baltimore, MD

30th June 2015, 16:54
Hi group. I'm excited to get to know a group like this. I'm a 60 year old new guy.

Cady Goldfield
30th June 2015, 23:04
Welcome! We hope you enjoy reading and participating on the forums.

1st July 2015, 02:31

Hope you find the site useful.

P Goldsbury
1st July 2015, 09:44
Hello Mr Crites,

Welcome to E-Budo. There is a wealth of insight and experience in these forums and I recommend that you take some time to find your way around. I did this when I became a member, longer ago than I care to remember. Owing to the influence of the social media these forums are less frequented than they used to be. This is not in itself a bad thing, but one result is you might have to wait a while for any questions and comments you make to elicit a response.

Best wishes,

1st July 2015, 15:26
Welcome, Stanley!

James F Sorrell
5th September 2018, 19:36
I recently discovered E-Budo and liked the idea of communicating with other martial arts participants. I'm glad you mentioned your age. I'm in my 70's and had a life of karate. I'm currently at home recuperating from a torn retina tacked into place and hope I can return to my dojo in Covington, Kentucky. I hope this post finds you well.