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Scott Irey
13th October 2015, 20:25
Not an new member but an old one returning after years of absence. I have been practicing MJER in one form or another since 1987, ancient posts here seem to indicate I have an opinion or at least had one at some point :) Looking forward to getting reacquainted with old friends and making a few new ones perhaps.


Brian Owens
13th October 2015, 21:14
Good to see you back! I lost track of you after you left Everett, and was wondering where you'd been. I look forward to seeing your posts again.

Cady Goldfield
14th October 2015, 16:16
Welcome back, Scott!

14th October 2015, 18:24
Hey Scott!
Welcome back! We could stand to round up some of the (other) oldtimers and maybe liven the place up a bit. :)

Made anything interesting lately?

Cady Goldfield
14th October 2015, 23:28
I caught glimpse of an awesome diamondback rattler saya, on Facebook...

15th October 2015, 20:19
Hi Scott. We met many years ago. I was a student of Ted Davis. Good to hear from you. I don't post much here anymore either. Best to you.


16th October 2015, 17:02
Welcome back, Scott.

17th October 2015, 03:38
Welcome back!