View Full Version : Hello from SoCal.

18th April 2018, 21:41
Iíve been an on and off reader here for a few years and vaguely remembered signing up, but couldn't for the life of me remember the username and password. I figured it's much easier signing up again, so here I am :)

I trained in Aikido for a few years, and somehow by chance, ended up doing a koryu art called Takamura ha Shindo Yoshin Ryu. It's been a humbling experience being exposed to a different level of knowledge and experience in budo.

Hope everyone is doing well and looking forward to reading some interesting and informative posts.

Cady Goldfield
19th April 2018, 03:21
Welcome back to E-Budo. Having to re-register is kind of like losing your house key and having to have the entire lock changed, but we're glad you found your way back in!