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Douwe Geluk
11th October 2018, 09:28
Hello and greetings,

My name is Douwe Geluk and i live in Holland. I've practised different martial arts systems like kyokushin karate, judo, aikido. Later is also started with Chinese martial arts like Hiw Chuen Monkey Kungfu under Fred Decramer, and different forms of Tai Chi Chuan for health and a strong mind in a powerful body.

Ik have my own martial arts school in the Netherlands called, Tai Chi Apeldoorn Fu Yuan 'Bron van Geluk the 'scource of happyness'. I also practise some bujinkan very now and then but pure for fun.

This is a video of me doing some How Chuen Kungfu:


This is a video of me doing some Swimming Turtle Qi Qong:


I liked this forum when i saw it, that is why i became a member. I wil post now and then and will foremost read and follow to expand my knowledge.

11th October 2018, 18:45
Welcome to e-Budo! I look forward to your posts.

I'm an Okinawan martial arts practitioner, but have trained Yang Style Tai Chi, Wing Chun, Kodokan Judo, Hakko Ryu JuJutsu, Pekiti Tersia, among other arts.

Cady Goldfield
11th October 2018, 23:42
Welcome to E-Budo, Douwe Geluk. Our forum is primarily for topics related to the Japanese martial arts and culture, but some of us here practice arts from other cultures as well. You are welcome to post on any subjects that would be of interest to practitioners of the Japanese arts and martial arts in general. However, we ask that topics that are specifically are about Chinese martial arts be avoided, as they are not the purpose of this site. Thanks, and please enjoy your stay at E-Budo.