View Full Version : just wanted to say hi hate face book so i hope this place is good forum of budo

22nd December 2018, 23:38
thanks humbly for having me

23rd December 2018, 18:47
I would say it's a little less of an active community than your average Facebook feed but I like it much better and I find it much more insightful than any other place on the internet. Welcome! Hope you enjoy the community!

Cady Goldfield
23rd December 2018, 23:50
Yes, E-Budo is a Facebook alternative. ;)
Pages like ours were once the mighty rivers of information on the internet, but now we have become quiet backwaters where people paddle when they are tired of the Twitter. Facebook and Instagram torrents. Much slower-paced, but our archives are a treasure trove of material from all across the Japanese martial arts, and our current active members are happy to have conversations on both old and new topics.

27th December 2018, 21:42
wonderful I do look forward to it