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7th April 2001, 21:26
Hello all. I live in Ann Arbor, Mi., and I am looking for a Jujutsu teacher in the area to study with. A couple of years ago, I tried to begin study of Hakko-Ryu jujutsu with Devon Smith who is also on this Forum. However, I wonder if he is still in the area, I had heard that he had moved.
Do you know of, or would you recommend anyone who teaches some form of traditional Japanese Jujutsu as opposed to the Gracie Jujutsu/Brazilian Jujutsu styles? I would really appreciate your help.
Thanks in advance.
Sid Sharma

Devon Smith
7th April 2001, 22:17
Hi Sid! Long time!

I'm still in the area but not teaching right now, though I'd be happy to discuss possibilities. Check your inbox.


8th April 2001, 14:55
Hi Devon,
Thanks. I have e-mailed you privately. Please check your inbox.

Jody Holeton
8th April 2001, 17:09
Dear Sidss2000,

I live in Ypsilanti and I goto EMU. U of M has a Jujutsu club but its Gracie focused. U of M also has the Bujinkan, you could try asking some of the instructors there.

At the Ann Arbor YMCA there is Mr. Springfield who does Judo.

At EMU we have Mr. Frank Gerlitz who does both Judo and Jujutsu but he is really fighting oriented. At EMU we have a couple of Jujutsu guys (including myself), I'll ask around for some of the koryu stuff (Yagyu Shingan-ryu, Sekiguchi-ryu etc. etc.)

At EMU we also have Mr. Steve Callowac teaching Val Tudo and various ground fighting forms.

Great stuff in Ann Arbor and in Ypsilanti its just finding what you like.

LATER--Jody Holeton

9th April 2001, 02:06
Thanks for the info, Jody. Please check your inbox, I have sent you a private message.
I am waiting to hear from Devon Smith, who is a Hakko-Ryu Sensei,(and EMU alum). If I cant train with him, I will definitely contact Mr Gerlitz.
Thanks .