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3rd May 2001, 13:01
Can anybody help me with this please.

In the Bujinkan, we've got this weapon art, called "hikenjutsu" or "happ˘ biken".
But sometimes you can see "bikenjutsu" as well as "happ˘ hiken". As far as I was told on the Bujinkan board, the "bikenjutsu" and "happ˘ hiken" would be quite wrong. It would be "hiken" but changed into "biken" behind the "˘", a little similar to the "h˘" which changes into the "p˘" in "ninp˘".
This makes sence to me and I've accepted it as being correct. But still there are people who say that the four forms are correct and used in Japan...
Anybody any idea?

Jason Chambers
3rd May 2001, 16:56

I posted this question some time ago in the Ninpo Forum. Check there for the thread...

3rd May 2001, 19:46
Can't seem to find it.

Jason Chambers
3rd May 2001, 20:27

Had to dig for it...