View Full Version : Shimbuden and Kokenku Universities in Manchuria?

Sean T. Fourkiller
23rd June 2001, 05:34
Ok, does anyone know what cities in Manchuria the Universities of Shimbuden and Kokenku were located where Ueshiba taught?

Any info would be welcome

27th June 2001, 09:31
I believe that the Shimbuden is an organization and not a university, but I could be wrong. The university you are referring to should be the Kenkoku ("nation-building") University which was established on initiative from the Kwangtung army in 1937. Its Chinese name was Jianguo or Chienkuo and it was located in the Manchukuo capital of Xinjing (present-day Changchun). Hope this helps.


Jens Nasstrom