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Benjamin Peters
25th July 2001, 09:51
Dear members,

Does anyone have any pictures/information on how to tie a bow on the front of the Hakama ?

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Karl Kuhn
26th July 2001, 06:54
after all those Icons? no...........

Karl Kuhn

29th July 2001, 18:37
I tend to agree with Karl....... drop the icons and you may be taken a little more seriously!


Chad Bruttomesso
29th July 2001, 22:29
It must have taken quite a bit of time to get so many icons in one post. Unfortunately, I tend to agree that the liberal use of icons might be a slightly over the top. If you should happen to re-word your question I would be more than happy to post the small amount information that I have on the subject.

Thank you and have a great day.

30th July 2001, 13:51
Tying the front on first, these himo end in the back under your obi. I tie a square knot here.
Taking the himo from the back, seat the koshiita just on top of your obi in the rear, and pass the
those himo to the front and tie a square knot in the center and use the strands to include the
himo from the front panel. In other words, begin the knot by tying an overhand in which one strap
passes behind the straps already in place. Finish that with an ordinary square knot. You are now
done securing your hakama, but you have two loose straps with which you need to do
Take one loose end and fold it back on itself by about 3 inches. Continue folding until you've
folded it back to the square knot and lay it flat there. Hold it with one hand while you take the
other loose end and pass it up and behind all the straps at your center. Now continue winding it
around and around until you're left with about 8", with which you make a loop to pass up behind
everything else. This should leave the free end hanging about 3" below the rest of the knot. Voila.http://members.home.net/aikid19/HakA.jpghttp://members.home.net/aikid19/HakB.jpghttp://members.home.net/aikid19/HakC.jpghttp://members.home.net/aikid19/HakD.jpg

Chill on the icons, please.

Jake Tarbox
9th August 2001, 04:37
WillG's message illustrates the traditional way to tie a hakama for standard use with a kimono. It is the way a hakama is meant to be tied for use in daily life. The pleats hang straight, and it creates a very nice form.

Most kendo people tie up their hakama's this way, without the pretty knot. But for Aikido, doing a lot of ukemi, I find that the back piece does not have sufficient support, and starts to droop after a few rolls.

For this reason, when doing ukemi, many people tie on the back piece first, wrapping the ends around their belt and anchoring it to the knot on their belt. then they tie up the front piece, taking the straps of the front piece over the back piece (below belt level) and then tying up the final knot in front. This means that the backpiece is firmly tied on, and will stay in place through hours of training. the down side is that the back piece gets bunched up and the pelts get mangled.

So it's up to you. There are other, even more elaborate ways to do it as well.