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5th August 2001, 01:47
Anybody has info about Ki No Renma of Sensei Hiroshi Tada?


7th August 2001, 06:23

From what I gather of the Description it appears to be a form of Chinese Chi-Gung adapted for Aikido.

It seems to be a method utilising breathing and meditation to enhance the Ki of the Aikido Practicioner.

I am actually about to sign up with Tada Hiroshi himsef as he teaches at a Dojo about 5min. from my Apartment.

So if you wait a bit I might be able to ask him directly for Information


P.S.: BTW, I am already studying TCC under another Sensei at that Dojo on Saturday afternoons.

7th August 2001, 11:06
Hi red_fist,

very good, I'll wait, no prob. Thank you.

9th August 2001, 10:58
Originally posted by szczepan
Anybody has info about Ki No Renma of Sensei Hiroshi Tada?


I don't have much time to answer but a link it's worth a thousand words.. ;)


That's about nakamura tempu, on of the men who had most influence on Tada Sensei.

You can find info on Tada Sensei at www.aikikai.it (italian) and even the link to his homepage (japanese).

If you can't speak italian you can write to the mail address on the site, they will for sure answer to you in english.

You can find some pic of tada at http://web.tiscali.it/dojocentrale/
(italian / very slow).

Ki no renma appears to me to be a set of exercises ranging from gymnastic to coordination drills to breathing/meditation exercises.

Tada holds a stage of kinorenma per year, here in Italy. This year's is just endend, i guess.

my email tacone(at)gmx.net