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7th August 2001, 21:29
Hi. My Shihan has given me the nickname "cobra". I am a little concerned that he has set the bar a little high for me with this name.
I've looked around a bit trying to find the Kanji for this without much luck. I have read this is a traditional MA symbol, so it seems it should not be quite the chore it has been for me.
Could anyone point me in the right direction.
Danny Smith

Morgan Jobe
9th August 2001, 05:42
To the best of my knowledge, this is it. It refers to the Indian Cobra.


Although, you will probably more often find it written in katakana as Ru . kobura

Hope this helps.

9th August 2001, 20:53
Thanks a bunch. Have you any idea where I could find info / kanji on my own in the future? Danny

Morgan Jobe
9th August 2001, 21:59
If you down load Microsoft's Global IME from their website, you will be able to view Japanese characters on your computer .

Here are the gift attachements.

Morgan Jobe
9th August 2001, 22:01
Here's the other one.

9th August 2001, 22:23
Thanks again. I changed the font selection to japanese and fixed my viewing difficulties. thanks for the attachments. Danny