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13th August 2001, 17:04
I'm new to Japanese Martial Arts. I've been involved in Korean Martial Arts primarily, so if this question seems ignorant forgive me.

What is the difference between Morihei Ueshiba's Aikido and Gozo Shioda's Aikido? Is one supposed to be more closely related to Daito-ryu Aikijutsu? or more traditional/modern? Also, why is Gozo Shioda's Aikido sometimes spelled Yoshinkai and others Yoshinkan? Is one better to practice than the other, is it personal preference, or is it the instructor that makes the difference?

Frank F.

Ron Tisdale
13th August 2001, 20:18

In terms of the difference, its not so much the aikido, but the training method. Gozo Shioda was trained by Ueshiba mostly during the pre-war days, when the training was very rigorous, and very focused. The techniques still had a very strong relationship with the original Daito ryu techniques that aikido draws from. You see that even in the naming conventions used in yoshinkan aikido (ikkajo rather than ikkyo). I probably spelled something wrong there...

Now you see a strong focus in basic movements, shite/uke relationships, and kata in yoshinkan aikido, as well as certain principles like centerline, balance, breath power and others.

Yoshinkan is "the house for the cultivation of the mind", I believe...yoshinkai indicates an organization. The two are pretty much used interchangably (whether that is correct or not I'm not sure). Yoshinkai is sometimes used to refer to the internation organization International Yoshinkai/kan Aikido Federation(IYAF).

I think that you should choose a dojo that has a good instructor whose teaching seems to benefit you, and whose students you enjoy training with. One that is close enough to get to fairly often is better. The Yoshinkan instruction method works best for me (I have tried others, even before yoshinkan). That will vary greatly for different people. Try what is available in your area, see which one you like.

hope this helps
Ron Tisdale

13th August 2001, 21:45

Thanks for the reply and the info.
I greatly appreciate it. :p

Frank Ferrara