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15th August 2001, 07:51
I might have missed a discussion on this topic earlier or elsewhere, in which case I apologize:

This summer I was once again able to go and train under the guidance of Tamura sensei in France. Sensei, when doing the aikitaiso, alternates between a series of (meridian)stretching-exercises and a series of Do-in exercises. I was wondering if anyone knows of information on Do-in on the internet. Recommendations about literature are also appreciated (although I haven't been particularely enthusiastic about the books I thus far have seen or read on the subject).

Thank you!


Chad Bruttomesso
18th August 2001, 23:17

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19th August 2001, 11:12
I apologize!

... and hope there will be someone with more information or ideas on Do-in. I can't imagine the serious budoka reading this post are unfamiliar with this?

Christiaan Zandt

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Chad Bruttomesso
19th August 2001, 16:35

No need to apologize, many people make the same mistake.

I for one am not familiar with the term "Do-in". It is possible that the same exerciese may be know by a different name in other dojos. If you could describe these exercises in some detail I might be better equipped to offer more constructive advice. I am always interested in learning something new. Sorry I can't be of more help.

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19th August 2001, 17:29
If you could describe these exercises in some detail I might be better equipped to offer more constructive advice.

Do-in consists of a whole series of exercises to optimize the flow of energy through the body. This is done by stroking, patting or pushing parts of or points on the body. It makes use of the same points that are used by traditional Chinese medicine and other Asian medical systems, like Shiatsu. But if do-in for example distinguishes the same meridians ('energy-channels') I don't know.
To be a little more specific, Tamura sensei starts one of his aikitaiso with rubbing his hands, then placing them on the back of the head; then the left hand and right hand stroke the forehead (for about 30 times); after this the eyelids, nostrils and mouth are treated in a similar fashion. Points surrounding and in the ear are pressed on, the ear itself is being pulled, etc. etc.

I have seen one book in Dutch, which actually had the title 'Do-in'. I also remember someone discussing certain preparatory exercises in an Aikido-Journal-thread on torifune and furitama. But if these exercises are like the do-in-exercises of Tamura sensei, I don't know.

Christiaan Zandt

Daniel Lee
20th August 2001, 01:36
So called 'do in' (known as DAOYIN originally) is an area of diverse health promotion methods. Many systems exist and flourish in the Chinese martial arts, as well as having been imported wholesale into many Japanese systems as 'secret' studies.

If you're interested in Dao Yin, China is the hub.


Daniel Lee

joe yang
20th August 2001, 02:08
Do-in is or was popular with a segment of the new age/alternative lifestyle/holistic medicine/neo-hippie set.(No offenese intended, I'm a granola cruncher too.) Try your local new age book store. in with shiatsu, reflexology, etc. The only web site I ever visit is Swamii Beyondananda, for laughs.