View Full Version : Problem?

Neil Hawkins
18th August 2001, 02:58

I keep getting the following message when I try to submit a thread:

No thread specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the webmaster.

Admitedly, it can take me some time to formulate my response and as I do this from work mostly the relpy page can stay open for awhile. But it shouldn't forget how I got to the reply page in the first place.

Usually if I copy my response and then re-reply from the original message it works the second time, but it is annoying and has only been happening for a little while.

Any Ideas?


PS. It just happened again as I tried to post this, aargh!

John Lindsey
18th August 2001, 05:40
This weekend I am going to "clean up" a few of the forums and reset some counters and other things. This might be the cause of the problem. I have been sick all week and fighting a bad internet connection and let some of these tasks get behind.