View Full Version : Old Ju-Jitsu Courses on the web?

29th August 2001, 16:00

I've been reading through EJMAS, Kronos et al. and have seen lots of mentions of old Ju-Jitsu courses that were offered in both the USA and the UK.

I was just wondering if anyone had put any of these up on the web for all to see?

I've been keepinh my eye out on Ebay and Abe etc but haven't had anything come up yet, and if it does i'm sure it'll be mucho ££.

Anyway, just thought i'd ask.


James :confused:

Or the old 'Farmer Burns' wrestling type courses??

30th August 2001, 16:24
www.farmerburns.com (I know, very creative) has the Farmer Burns course republished by Matt Fury.
EJMAS has one of the nicest old courses online in the form of Smith’s army course books. That should hold anyone for a wile.:toast:

30th August 2001, 20:41
Thanks for the reply.

I've seen the EJMAS re-print (kept me busy for a whole weekend reading that little lot). Not seen the farmerburns.com site -wonder how much $ that re-prints going for?