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Terry Ham
9th September 2001, 21:36
ok, hope this is the right place for this. I would like to hear some ideas on improving your breathing...I feel I am not breathing properly and tend to run out of breath easy while training, any training drills or help would be great!


Benjamin Peters
10th September 2001, 03:12

Before I comment - can you provide me with some more background as to what martial art you study. I can respond now, but will be more meaningful if I know the context in which you train.


Benjamin Peters
10th September 2001, 03:31
Mr Bergstrom,


Would you like Mr Ham's credit card number too ?


10th September 2001, 08:23
Try simply breathing normally for starters. I've found a great many get winded easily because they forget to breathe. When that is learned, then try something which goes with what you do.

In a judo dojo, this may be just practicing "Maximum Efficiency (it is probably good to practice that in any fighting art)." Relax, center yourself, and stay relaxed. No matter how relaxed you think you are there is always another level to aspire.

It isn't as difficult as it seems, though. The goal is not to tire no matter how hard you work. It may seem impossible, and to a certain degree, it is. Use the muscle in detail. For example, when practicing a nage waza, the only time you need strength is at the moment of kuzushi and kake, and in, say a simple hip throw, only strength needed is in your hips, and for a split second. In a shoulder throw, it is in the hips (sometimes, not always) and the shoulders. Otherwise, you your other muscles should be completely relaxed.

If you can practice breathing with relaxation, use only the muscle groups truly needed in a particular waza, then, in theory, you should never tire, or become winded.

That's what the old guys say and their even older teachers. It probably would take a life time to do, but the majority is done while centering. After a while, even that will become built in.

Hope it helps.


10th September 2001, 16:57
I agree with Mark. Some people are so tense they literally wear themselves out from being overly tight. Other people tend to hold their breath during movements to increase thoraic pressure, (it helps to stabilize you). This might not be too bad for a split-second, but otherwise it is harmful due to elevated blood pressure, and the possibility of passing out. Of course, the other thing could be that you are out of shape and have no glycolytic endurance. We'll keep it positive and assume it's one of the other contributing factors.

Terry Ham
10th September 2001, 21:34
First I want to thank everyone for your replies.:wave:

can you provide me with some more background as to what martial art you study sure, I have trained in american (shotokan) karate at age 9 for about 2yrs then at 15 or 16 I trained with Ed Sones of the Bujinkan for over a year then in 94 I trained in a gendai goshin system called yamashin ryu (aiki)jujutsu and in 97 started to train again in the Bujinkan on and off untill last yr,(I will be 27 on the 28th of this mth ) I am training on my own really at this time. I dont want to play at budo any more I am ready to really train now and I am searching for the right school/teacher, I know it will be nihon budo and I really enjoy the takamatsuden so we will see:nin:

and to Mr Bergstorm( please call me Terry:) )

What is your height and weight,
5'6" and 235lb (dam pizza,, hehe)

How old are you,
almost 27

How long have you been training,
see above

How would you rate your dietary intake; Good,Very Good or excellent?
It was bad moveing to better working on very good (one step at a time)

I am really trying to change everything around because I know with the little training I have had it has done me wonders, and I think wow I would feel great if I really trained and tried to live budo instead of playing, so now I start the real training right..

thanks again for all the help