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19th September 2001, 17:03
I am looking for a place in the Cleveland, OH area (preferably on the south west side) to study any of the following:


Any one have any suggestions?



20th September 2001, 08:03
My suggestion would be to go to a search engine such as http://www.google.com , enter the particular MA you wish to learn, and enter your city/state.

Then visit the dojo which fits what you want to learn, and ask for a free lesson, if you like what you see. Do this at more than one dojo.

Then come back and ask the same question, but include the teacher and location, and you are more than likely to run into someone who knows the teacher, or who knows of the teacher's teacher.

If you are a beginner, I would not even try to get into a legitimate Daito Ryu aikijujutsu school, but instead, if that is yout ultimate goal, try aikido or jujutsu. Give judo a chance. It is usually less expensive, is a good art for a foundation which you will find at any you named, and they are easy to locate.

Most teachers are competent, as well.

Also, unless your name is Miguel Mamboking, please sign your posts with your full name. It can be configured with the signature feature or sign manually if you have problems with this.

Hope this helps some...


BTW: A check in the aikido forum, judo forum, jujutsu, or aikijujutsu may be a good idea.

Kevin Meisner
27th September 2001, 11:46
I used to live in Cleveland. I remember there was an Aikido school in Cleveland Heights, I think it was on Cedar Road. There is also a good karate class on the campus of Case Western Reserve University held at the Mather Dance Center, the teacher's name is Joe Matts. I would look in the Cleveland Yellow Pages, believe it or not, you may find the Aikido school there.