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20th September 2001, 18:55
I am interested in learning Judo, but for self defense not competition. Does anyone know of any schools in the Cleveland area that teach Judo with a focus on self defense?


Barry Southam
21st September 2001, 23:22

If you cannot find a Judo school that teaches Judo mainly a martial art/selfdefense....If you can locate any Judo school that's reputable even if its a competitive school, join...You don't have to compete but train in Judo on a regular basis...
Maybe the teacher hasn't given any thought to specific selfdefense situations and you could create maybe a new class...
Or get some others in the class to meet on a certain day and train on how to apply the principles and techniques of Judo to selfdefense and you will be amazed at the possibilites.....
Just don't forget that Judo includes striking, blocking, jointlocks on areas other than just the elbow, Kata, plus many throws beyond just your competitive favorites ( over 65 throws),holds, chokes, etc,etc.,..
Judo randori in the dojo is a great value to train your body to react to the ever changing conditions of someone who just jumped on you or is trying to take you to the ground....Plus the psychological benefits of toughness and the never give up attitude would be learned through randori....Hey, don't be concerned with who threw who in the dojo....Just find nice Judoka and train.... So, the bottom line is to practice and experiment against what you would do if you are grabbed,pushed, punched or kicked at...Including clubs, etc.,etc.,.....
Once you close the distance and get in: They should be in your "BACKYARD"...

Hope I was of some help

Barry E. Southam

22nd September 2001, 04:01
Thanks for your reply, I will keep your suggestions in mind.

Actually I'm having a tough time finding ANY Judo instructors in my area. Right now I would join the first class I found, that was less than 45 minutes away, in any of the "soft" arts (Judo, Jujutsu, Aikdo, Hapkido, etc.).

Thanks again,

22nd September 2001, 10:36
Last I read, the IJF recognizes 99 throws, so there is a lot of room for proficiency.

I've found that my students who don't want to compete (most of them) become better fighters anyway. Participation is a good idea every now and then even when your goal isn't necessarily to win. It becomes a symbolic battlefield which allows you to "use what you know" (a quote from Larry Kobayshi-sensei, 76 years old who still studies with his teacher, Kenneth Kuniyuki, 91). This isn't simply for the shiai basho, but for your kata, self-defense training, and your aiki (the principles of ju).


Joseph Svinth
23rd September 2001, 07:42
"Judo Cleveland" on Google turns up:


"Jujutsu Cleveland" on Google turns up: