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30th September 2001, 22:34
Trolling is the use of a bait to attract attention which will allow the troll to engage in a feeding frenzy of emotionally fulfilling activity, his enjoyment at your emotional dis-ease.

E-budo has trolls.

Like trolls of old who lived under bridges and other dank bottle necks of ordinary human endeavor, they like to spring out and "stir' things up with seemingly innocent questions or requests, (the bait). Only after you try to satisy them do they show themselves as having a hidden bias and ulterior motive which was the real reason for posting.

Due to the insight of our fearless e-budo admin in enforcing the rules, the trolls on e-budo are for the most part polite with their sarcasm and ad hominem attacks. To follow my own rule, I translate: "Ad hominem" (if I've spelled it correctly), refers to an attack on the person who makes the statement rather than confining your attack to the substance of the statement itself. If I say, "Karate is the only art that is practical" and you reply, "You're oviously a dope" rather than "I have proven my art to be very practical in the street," it is a personal attack (ad hominem) and of course, not allowed under e-budo rules, even if you happen to be correct about my dopiness!

Of course, there is that grey area where-in an attack upon a "style" is less personal and therefore supposedly less nasty than a personal attack. (What is wrong with, "If you can't say it about the man, don't say it about his style?")

So what can be done if you suspect you have been or are about to be ambushed by a troll? Just remember, the trolls of old needed to eat people to stay alive and the forum troll of today needs a steady diet of emotionally charged arguement or they wither and die.

So as soon as they uncloak their real and hidden motive for their post, do not reply, ignore them and let the topic wither. This is much the same as ordinary topics coming to a natural close except that it is by your conscious decision not to answer because you sniff the nasty smell of a troll lurking behind the pillar of the bridge. You don't need proof, and you don't need to reply (the food they desperately need) to every provocation, (the bait). You should not chastise them, or acknowledge them or engage them in arguement - just ignore them.

Perhaps one of our clever smiley animaters could create a troll or "troll alert" smiley if we feel that our refusal to engage in fruitless arguement needs explanation.

Anyway, that is my advice. I can only keep the forum polite to a point. It is up to you folks to quit feeding the trolls and hope they go back to martialarts.rec where the sarcasm, swearing and personal/styles attacks are plentiful.

Rikki Tikki Tavi, Troll Killer

Goju Man
1st October 2001, 00:24
You are right about a great portion of your writing. I have respect for all martial artists, wether I agree with their philosophy or not. On one ocasion, I was told that I hadn't a clue of what I was writing about. This coming from a member that has been around for quite sometime. Now, if I am mistaken about something, you are welcome to point it out to me. I can either prove it or not. But to point out inaccuricies and basically call me a dope in so many words is disrespectful. And the main point of discussion wasn't even addressed! I am not trolling with this. We are having a discussion. And that is what this forum is about.

Manny Salazar
it's all that
at the budo barn;)

2nd October 2001, 04:44
Manny - it's cool. :)

Robert, too funny ! :D Now, how do we make one of these guys into a "trollie"?

Do you play D&D or something??

Goju Man
3rd October 2001, 03:18
That was pretty funny there Robert. You've got too much time on your hands.:D

Manny Salazar
it's all that
at the budo barn:look:

24th October 2001, 16:12
I personally never liked the mind set of "just leave them alone if he is bothering you. Bad street smarts, bad budo IMO. To each his own, I guess. Another thing I have noticed recently, is it can be a kind of because I knee jerk reaction cure all. Kind of like "He is as troll, he is a troll. I mean how far away is a blanket statement(label) like that to "she is a witch" , "she is a witch" ,burn her.:eek:
Another thing how do you defend your self when the statement has been made? Perhaps unjustly. Lets face it "I Im not" might not cut it. Once tainted the stink may linger true or not.
Ladies and gental men, we must be carefull with labels.One size might not fit all.

Gregory Rogalsky
Director of Rogalsky Combatives International

6th December 2001, 17:24

I do believe a troll can change it's spots (do trolls have spots?:confused: Maybe warts would be better.) I have seen some trolls turn good decent members on several boards. But most trolls just have it in there nature to stir up trouble. Lets take the infamous ROLLS for instance. He causes trouble from board to board. His reputation always preceeds him. He is either some childish pranking keyboard warrior or he really believes the stuff he posts (which really is the scary thought:eek: ) I really believe a person, if he wants to, can come from under a TROLL label but that is up to him. (Labels NEVER fit every instance but they do help.) There is a big difference in debating different views then out and out calling names and acting childish, like picking a fight on the internet!!! :laugh: You wouldn't believe how much fun it is to call someones bluff. I have accepted several "offers" to meet but when the time comes something ALWAYS comes up!!!!:laugh:

20th December 2001, 17:19
Very cute.

21st March 2002, 02:25
Hiya, all.

I agree with Asia.

I used to chat on a regular basis, but the "chat trolls" always ruined it for everyone. We (the chatroom people) had egnore lists that got a mile long with these trolls. But, like someone said on here before, don't "feed" (argue with) them, and they won't have nothing to "eat" (rant about), so they go away (hopefully). There's nothing wrong with a good debate, but there's no need to call someone names or put them down for their opinion or beliefs. That's wrong. So far, I haven't had problems on here, thank goodness. But remember, there's always the egnore button if someone becomes a "troll" ;) The iggy button is a good friend :)

11th October 2002, 14:57

4th July 2003, 16:29
Remember the story of having a mirror reflect the evil back to its source? Well, most people who are concerned with "The care and feeding of trolls" see the reflection of the mirror, but think it is someone else. Really, no kidding.

In fact, I had never heard of this term of 'trolls" before coming to E-budo. Funny how a pseudo univervse of words can take on a life of its own giving the discussion of ideas its own darkness, eh?

The fact is, those people who call people trolls are the greatest supporter of this phenonmenon, because instead of discussing the issues, they resort to namecalling, ill mannered threats, and rudely tell people to leave ... just like their alter ego .... the trolls. Go figure?

In all martial arts, we have to learn tolerance, and if we can not, people like Phil Elmore will create some pseudo world of creatures we dislike to be called but seem to fit those who are not like us or do not fit into our definition of what is proper for our society. Maybe we should start up the gas chambers again?

I don't think we should absolutely ignore anyone, but we should learn a certain degree of tolerance, and we should learn how to handle the situation based upon knowledge, not emotionally driven personal agendas.

Stick to the subject matter, be polite, if at all possible, and move on. If that doesn't work, report the post to the moderator, who will remove the offender after numerous warnings, and the problem will be fixed.

No such thing as "the care and feeding of trolls."

Hold up the mirror, and let those people who can't see themselves do themselves in by their own deeds.

27th August 2003, 00:48
Ad hominem means playing to the crowd; ignoring the question and addressing the onlookers in a way such as to belittle the opponent; to use humour to the audience so as to deflect from and dilute his point; to appeal to personal considerations at the expense of fact or reason.

The phrase has come into a great deal of use lately.

23rd September 2003, 21:27
I meant no offence Bruce :(

Playing to the crowd is an acceptable MA strategy, surely? :)

23rd September 2003, 23:01
Most of the time I feel like a stowaway singing Sweet Adeline in some old barrel ....

19th February 2004, 03:09
I stumbled across this one just by chance, and have still not stopped laughing :laugh:

Ted, that is some of the best advice and reading I've come across.. I like your style.

Best summised, as I learnt recently in a manner of speaking.. sometimes it is best to just keep your mouth shut :D

2nd February 2008, 22:47
What if the moderator is a troll in disguise???

Mark Murray
2nd February 2008, 23:27
Please sign your full name to each post. It is a rule that you agreed upon when you joined E-Budo.

Thank you,

14th February 2008, 22:08
Please sign your full name to each post. It is a rule that you agreed upon when you joined E-Budo.

Thank you,

Ok. it is done. I just didn't know how to add a permanent signature to my posts.