View Full Version : Judo Dojo locations in Osaka or Kobe

Connor Sims
3rd October 2001, 02:38
Hi everyone :)

Does anyone know of any Judo Dojos who are open to visitor training in either Kobe or Osaka ?

Any help will be appreciated !

3rd October 2001, 09:57
Hi, Connor,
I don't know of a judo dojo anywhere in which foreign judo players are NOT welcome. I am assuming you have called on the Kodokan ( www.kodokan.org ) to ask? They hold tournaments and such in that area (phone numbers/email can be found on that site as well. The International division is the number to call if you do not speak Japanese).

I'm having dowload problems at the moment so I'll be signing off, but use http://www.google.com for your search using the same search words of which you are asking. "Judo Osaka Kobe" and I guarantee pages and pages of hits.

You can probably find what you need at http://judoinfo.com as well. Many dojo websites have dojo listings around the world, especially in Japan.

Going on what the Kodokan requires would be your passport and any judo club/orgs grade book, if any.

Judo and kendo clubs are the most reachable and a kendo club may have judo classes as well, so don't leave out those, IF you have any problems.

Try Big Sky Judo (http://www.bstkd.com/judo.htm) for a good reason to do judo, on the first page. You may inquire there, too, for judo in Osaka.


Don Cunningham
3rd October 2001, 13:12
When I was in Japan, I found many judo dojos which refused to allow Westerners to train. I suspect some were due to racism, but there are also concerns about liability. Many visitors are not insured or don't have access to free/low-cost medical treatment in case of injuries like Japanese residents. As a employee of a Japanese company, I could and was treated at the company's in-house clinic. I'm not sure what insurance coverage most tourists might have and neither are many of the dojo instructors. There is also a concern about communications. Most Japanese still don't believe non-Japanese can understand their language.

3rd October 2001, 14:37
And of course there is Tomiki's Shodokan Honbu in Osaka - but that's not Judo ;)