View Full Version : Okinawan Karate in Charlotte or Gastonia, NC

9th October 2001, 00:11
Do you know of any good Okinawan Karate Dojos in Charlotte or Gastonia, North Carolina.

11th October 2001, 07:55

I am located in Gastonia. I train in several Okinawan styles, my primary being Mastumura Seito Shorin Ryu. There are two other instuctors that I know of in the area. There is one in Belmont who teaches Shorin Ryu ShorinKan and the another is in Dallas who teaches what seems to be a mix of Isshin ryu and Okinawan kenpo. I'm not sure If there is anyone in Charlotte teaching.

If you would like more information you can email my privately at hakutsuru@homail.com (hakutsuru@hotmail.com)

Thomas Lane

11th October 2001, 12:43