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Hans Bachmann
16th October 2001, 15:50

Does anyone know where I can find some information on Jikishin-ryu Ju-jutsu/judo? It appears that this particular system coined the term Judo.


Hans Bachmann

17th October 2001, 09:21
Have you tried any Kitoryu sources? Jikishin was really another school based in kito-ryu.

You may want to try http://ejmas.com In the Combative Sport Journal or in Kronos, highly "dense" in fact, but easy to navigate using the "find" feature.

But you are correct, as it did come from jikishin-ryu.

Also, one site with really fine research on its web site is Big Sky Judo (http://www.bstkd.com/judo.htm). Even if not there, Kim Sol and son Michael are very forthcoming with such information, as is Joe Svinth at EJMAS (http://ejmas.com)


Joseph Svinth
17th October 2001, 11:48
From Kim Sol's site, http://www.bstkd.com/Bulletin1.htm

"The first use of the name judo was by Seijun Inoue IV, who applied it to his Jujitsu of Jikishin-ryu. Students of Jikishin-ryu Judo were not only expected to master its ninety-seven techniques, but to also develop into generous and gentle-mannered individuals."

As for actual instructors, I haven't a clue.

Hans Bachmann
17th October 2001, 12:31

Hans Bachmann