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Wind Warrior
9th November 2001, 02:17
Dear Budoka Fellow:

We need a translation for our Dojo motto;

"Never close it without reason;
Never open it without honor"

It's our own private ritual after reciting the Dojo Kun. We raise our right fist and recite the poem, which means never to use Karate unless all other options have been exhausted, and never to emerge from a fight without honor.

We would be very happy to get a translation into Japanese, or at least a hint at some web page where we could translate it.

Thanks a lot in advance for the cooperation.

Best regards,

Wind Warrior a.k.a. Ariel Meilij
Panama Republic, fmeilij@psi.net.pa


9th November 2001, 16:25
Sir, I e-mailed you with a possible rendering.

Wind Warrior
10th November 2001, 01:52
Dear E-Budo Members:

I want to personally thank Mr. Weymouth for his excellent reply. His e-mail was not so much an e-mail as a complete explanation on the twists and semantics of the Japanese languaje! Everyone here is very surprise of the VIP treatment we got.

On behalf of my Sensei Rogelio Ortega and the Panama KTA Karate Group we extend our deepest gratitude for your cooperation.

Domo Arigato!

Wind Warrior aka Ariel Meilij
Panama Republic