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Mark J Brelsfor
11th December 2001, 14:48

My name is Mark J Brelsford. I just signed up for this forum site.
I look forward to hearing from you and discussing Okinawan arts.
A bit about me, I have trained in "Uechi" ryu for over 29 yrs, 10 on Okinawa itself. I have a small dojo in Rhode Island.
Look forward to the group talks

MJ Brelsford

Dale Knepp
11th December 2001, 23:18
:wave: Hello Mark,

I forgot to mention that I'm also on this list as well. There hasn't been a lot of traffic on this forum but hopefully that will improve over time.


Mark J Brelsfor
11th December 2001, 23:30
Good Deal.....

Look forward to some good topics

Thanks for the Welcome


12th December 2001, 12:01
Welcome sir, to a great traditional forum. I'm looking forward to learning more about Uechi/Pangai Noon Ryu. I think you'll find the discussions here informative and at times "heated". It's all in the name of knowledge and the conversations remain (more often than not) quite civil. Have a great week!

Bryan Seer

Mark J Brelsfor
12th December 2001, 13:38
Thanks for the welcome.....

I enjoy a good talk and I am sre we can all learn form each other. Please let me know if you have any questions and I will be glad to try to answer them for ya.

Have a great day!!!

Mark J Brelsford

12th December 2001, 14:39

Good to see you are alive and well. Looking foward to getting your perspective on Uechi/Shohei and Okinawa.

Please let us know when you make it to Dallas. You are always welcome to stop by the dojo.

Jabonn Flurry

Mark J Brelsfor
12th December 2001, 14:57

Good to hear from ya!!!

Tell everyone I said hello and let me know if ya got anything I can help ya with!

Tell Everyone I said Hello and to have a safe and Happy Holiday season....


Hank Irwin
13th December 2001, 05:30
Mensor're Mark Sensei! There are some really good folks here. And a lot of exchange of good ideas and good dialog. I(koreatay) have(more koreatay) a little addiction(and more) for Ueichi also. Looking forward to some good conversation. Happy holidays everybody!!:D

13th December 2001, 09:36
Looks like many of the Core Ryukyuan arts folks are signing in, so it ought to be a good discussion, about whatever is wished to be discussed.We're only missing a couple to have a Full House, I'm sure they'll be along any minute, too.

All the best to everyone for the Holidays as well.