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20th July 2000, 22:54

I've been asked to define/describe the principles, concepts or technical application of Irimi and Tenkan. I'm interested in everyone's input. I'm going to post this thread on several forums to get a variety of inputs from various backgrounds and points of view.

I realize there are volumes out there written about these very broad topics and this thread could be never ending. Nevertheless, I'm interested in your input.

In order to set some guidelines, if possible, the definitions/descriptions should be about 150 or so words in length for each of the two concepts. If possible, please try and describe the concept in the context of "Uke steps in with right foot and attacks with right middle punch (or some other appropriate attack). Then Nage steps....(describe how Irimi or Tenkan would be applied)."

Thanks in advance.


Jeff Cook
21st July 2000, 14:37
Gosh, Joe, couldn't you ask something a little more simple?:)

My overly-simplified description and comparison: irimi is attacking the attack by entering directly into an attack at a small angle. Tenkan differs in that you are attacking the attack as in irimi, but you are not entering so directly as in irimi; you are attacking the attack "around" it. You allow the attack to come to you, and you move outside the attack, pivot at a greater angle, and then pivot back.

Example: for irimi, of course iriminage would be a prime example. For tenkan: kotegaeshi against a thrusting or lunging attack.

Jeff Cook