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Pavel Dolgachov
12th January 2002, 11:52
I saw few times Ryuei-ryu tapes with Sakumoto Tsuguo strarring. I
wonder, where are anchin and Seyunchin? The tape called "All Kata of
Ryuei-ryu". As I know, in this style there are Sanchin and
Seyunchin. Does anybody saw Ryuei-ryu Sanchin and Seiyunchin? I
would like to see theese kata. Probably it help to recognize sourses
for Ryuei-ryu. One man said that Ryuei-ryu is a mix of Goju-ryu and
Shorin-ryu. But there are few kata - Pachu, Paiku, Heiku, which are
from Gokenki as I think. Anan probably too. And there are Niseishi
(similar to Shorin-ryu), Seisan and Sanseru (very similar to
Goju-ryu). It would be great to compare them with Toon-ryu Sanseru.
As we know (as researchers say) Miyagi's Sanseru source is unknown.
Kiyuda Juhatsu studied original Higaonna Kanryo Sanseru only.

Hm, probably Miyagi studied Sanseru from Nakaioma family? Have you any
ideas about this?
Or, probably Miyagi studied Sanseru in China and Nakaima studied
under him?
Or, probably Kiyoda didn't teach Higaonna's Sanseru version? (He
knew few Seisan versions, so he could know few Sanseru versions).

Any comments?

Pavel Dolgachov


Pavel Dolgachov
20th March 2002, 12:06
It's very difficult to say that Higaonna Kanryo and Nakaima Norisato were students of Ryuryuko. Nakaima was in China in the late 30-th of 18 century, but Higaonna was almost 30 years later. As I understand, Nakaima's "Ryuryuko" was older than him. How many years he could be if Higaonna studied under him?