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Thread: Need help in Honolulu

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    Default Need help in Honolulu

    Osu and hello.

    I'm a veteran Karateka in Sydney Australia and will be visiting Waikiki in January 2017 with one of my colleagues.

    We would like to visit the Kyokushin dojo operated by the late Shihan Bobby Lowe in Honolulu to pay our respects and share some sweat with our American brothers.

    I'm having some difficulty in researching the exact address of the dojo and could use some help. Training times would also be helpful.

    If I can get the precise details I will of course arrange for my Shihan in Sydney to send proper introductions.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    This maybe?

    Herbert Ishida
    Tel: +1-808-488-4023 Mob: +1-808-554-5276
    McCully District Park, 831 Pumehana Street, Honolulu, Hawaii, 96826.

    Extracted from: where I found the announcement of Mr. Lowe's passing.
    Steven Miranda
    Aikido Yoshinkan Sacramento

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