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Thread: Who's on your wish list to train with?

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    Default Who's on your wish list to train with?

    So I'm currently planning my courses for 2017. I did a few this year and learnt a bunch so really wanting to make sure I don't miss a good event with a good instructor.

    This got me wondering. Anyone else doing this? Who's/what's on your list for seminars?

    Mine so far is:

    Lilleshall weekend: Top guys in the association teaching for the weekend. Great event

    Julian mead: he's got a few events I'm aiming to attend.

    Kagawa: has a course in march I'm aiming to attend. Just love the way the guy kicks!

    Couple of judo events in there too.

    So what's on your calender

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    Seminars? None. I don't believe in them but I will support them is very good friends are hosting. It is a good time catching up with old friends you don't often see anymore. I'm from the business world and seminars is a marketing guise where someone tries to sell you something. LOL.

    I will travel to see Sensei probably for week this summer and maybe see him this spring for a weekend.
    Ed Boyd

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    Well I would like to meet Julian Mead. I do wonder though how much can you really get from a seminar. Maybe some more seminar oriented people can weigh in. For me to really learn anything even at a basic level takes months if not years. Might be an age thing also. As I get older life has given me a fairly broad approach to budo. Dojo closes, you move, teachers move etc. It is nice to have some books to refer back to when memory isn't that good. A guess a seminar in an art you have some serious time in might give you more depth which is what I crave. Just working with another teacher for a weekend doesn't sound like a way to move my training in the direction I want.
    Len McCoy

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    I enjoy attending seminars with good instructors. My personal take is that they are not a good venue to learn any sort of specific techniques or art. However, I have never failed to learn something about budo, or the arts, or movement, or about life. Often more learning can be had by hanging out with everyone at the bar after a day of training than can be had at the actual seminar itself. I've yet to attend a seminar or competition that I felt was not worth the effort.
    Paul Smith
    "Always keep the sharp side and the pointy end between you and your opponent"

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