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Thread: Question about some videos

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    Default Question about some videos

    I work in law enforcement, and have seen the video tapes by David Dye advertised for Panther Video. He is supposed to be a 5th dan in Yoshinkan aikido. The video series is on control/restraining techniques. My question is, has anyone seen or got those videos and if so are they good?

    PS: Yes, I already no that videos are not the replacement for a good instructor (sorry, but it seems like everytime someone asks a question about videos on a forum half the responses I see are that)
    "Hard won, buy easy lost. True karate does not stay where it is not being used."

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    Scott D. Harrington Guest


    Not only do I have the first four tapes, I have trained w/ Dye Sensei for over 12 years at Shuyokan Dojo in Costa Mesa, CA.

    The tapes show effective techniques (mainly derived from Aikido) dealing with law enforcement situations. His course is P.O.S.T. certified and in fact he's teaching one up in Galt, CA. this weekend.

    You might want to check out his webpage at for more information.

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