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Thread: Okinawan Kenpo

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    Hi, I am new member to this forum and I have a question. I recently moved to North Carolina and I noticed that Okinawan Kenpo is offered in town by Vic Coffin. Does anyone have any information on Mr. Coffin and the style in general? I am a 10 year kung fu practitioner, so I am not all that familiar with Japanese/Okinawan martial arts.

    Thank you,

    Tony Kemerly

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    I know Coffin Sensei by reputation only. He is a respected teacher of Odo Seikichi's Ryukyu Hon Kenpo Kobujitsu. The style is uniquely Okinawan. Odo Sensei teaches a system of kenpo derived mainly from the teachings of Nakamura Shigeru, Toma Seiki, and Kinjo Seiko. His system includes a full complement of Okinawan kobudo kata largely of the Matayoshi method.

    It has been my good fortune to have studied with Odo Sensei on several trips to Okinawa. He is a real gentleman and has developed a strong stable of teacher-followers such as Coffin Sensei. If it were I, and I had the opportunity to study Odo Sensei's system, I'd go for it.

    Hope that helps. If I can be of further assistance please contact me directly. Good luck with your training.

    Roy J. Hobbs

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    I once was in the same organization as was Mr. Coffin, and I understand his knowledge of the system was particularly inclusive, and complete, as well as that he was noted for his kobudo kata prowess.

    I would definitely recommend the system to anyone, but if you did kungfu, you will see some similarities as Okinawan Kenpo is 'Okinawan Ch'uan fa."

    Many parts to the system, free sparring is done with armor called bogu, and with considerable contact, quite a realistic and self defense oriented system,and the kata are considered very practicable, in other words, they are done more like for real..

    One of the system's mottoes was 'the more you sweat in kata and kihon, the less you bleed in kumite.'

    That was of course, some time ago.


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    I know Mr. coffin by rep also. The only other person ive been "exposed" to besides him would be Shihan Issac (in Maysville NC, and he might have been promoted to 10th, so i dont want to say im sure). I know Mr. Larry Issac is known for his fighting prowess (Much like Master Mahara, no doubt) so if you are into the fighting more, Shihan might be better for you. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr Coffin at a tournament once (i was a white belt doing wansu and Bo1) and he seemed like a very respectful person. We seem to be a part of a dying art, so if you can study with Mr. coffin, im sure you would find it most rewarding.

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