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  16. Encyclopaedia of Goju Ryu Karate by Morio Higaonna
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  18. I was interested in getting a good book on Karate and the different Katas
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  20. Mudra in Karate?
  21. Question regarding a pre 1944 Picture?
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  26. Can anyone comment on the meaning and/or origin of this symbol?
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  38. What is "ti" ??
  39. Human Weapon, Dissappointing?
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  44. what's the best karate movie?
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  57. In Search of: The Kata of Te
  58. Any info on Kenyu-Ryu?
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  64. New Book by H. Kinjō, "From Chinese Hand to Empty Hand"
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  66. Dumb Question About Turning
  67. New German Book on Shotokan History and Teachings
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  69. New German Book on Funakoshi Gichin and Yoshitaka
  70. "Scouting Out The Historical Course Of Karate: Collected Essays" by Henning Wittwer
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  72. 1952 Footage of G. Funakoshi M. Nakayama
  73. Myth, history and Mas Oyama
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  75. USA Goju Karate and the enigma of Peter Urban
  76. Evolution of Karate
  77. General Tian Bubishi
  78. Ningen keisei人間形成
  79. “Higaonna Kamesuke on Karate in Okinawa, Japan & Hawaii” by Henning Wittwer
  80. Father of Modern Karate?
  81. New German Book by Henning Wittwer
  82. Peter Urban Lineage?
  83. 2024 Olympic Karate's exclusion in France.
  84. Funakoshi Autobiography: Translation Problems
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  86. One Of My Karate Sensei
  87. “Funakoshi Gichin INTRODUCTION TO KARATE – Translation & Analysis” by Henning Wittwer