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  1. How do you instruct a child with ADHD?
  2. At What Age?
  3. Traits of a good teacher
  4. Language barrier
  5. Blind student grading
  6. Is Testing Really Necessary?
  7. What Does Everyone Think About This?
  8. Teachers and Students
  9. How soon does one need to go to Japan
  10. Interesting link
  11. Attributes of a Sensei
  12. Tell us about your sensei
  13. Attributes of a student
  14. Female Students...
  16. New ideas for teaching a class...
  17. Parent Questions #1 [teamwork]
  18. Teaching Special Needs Students
  19. Proper breathing and Ki-ai
  20. relationships
  21. Respect versus Dependence
  22. Students who worship teachers
  23. Shouting 'help' LOUDLY!!!
  24. Books & Websites
  25. Thoughts about coed training
  26. They just don't get it.
  27. Budo and / as Education for Peace ?
  28. Dealing with the inherent repugnance of street fighting
  29. Linguistics, semantics and techniques
  30. Traditional dojo
  31. Mystification of things
  32. Is it the master or the pupil .. .glaassoppper !
  33. Question for long-time karate instructors
  34. Teaching movement
  35. What makes a great teacher?
  36. Etiquette and Visiting Instructors
  37. Martial Arts and Religion
  38. Question on teaching in university setting
  39. kata and rankings
  40. looking for training
  41. Concentration?
  42. Addressing the current situation in class
  43. Help - Fear of Falling Forward
  44. Be Careful who you teach
  45. So many questions??
  46. Budo and Testosterone
  47. tessen techniques
  48. This might get your blood flowing
  49. Teaching Kids
  50. What is the most fulfilling experience of teaching others?
  51. 9/11 terrorist
  52. "Traditional" method of teaching(repost)
  53. Full cup or empty?
  54. What teachers should know
  55. Patronizing of girl student
  56. Drugs and the dojo
  57. Good school in Vancouver
  58. Teaching Children
  59. Tournaments, why.
  60. Tournaments, why not?
  61. Shihan?
  62. Right or Wrong #1
  63. Video learning
  64. New Students From Other Dojos...
  65. Right or Wrong #2
  66. wheelchairs
  67. Right or Wrong #3
  68. Right or Wrong #4
  69. 10% of your students will be...
  70. Abstract concepts...
  71. being carefull when using female students??
  72. Right or Wrong #5 (its ok, I'm a Soke)
  73. Please help me with a new High School Course
  74. Youth Classes!
  75. How does your class start and end?
  76. Interesting Eskimo kicking games
  77. Training in Japan...
  78. Home or School
  79. How do you deal with them?
  80. Black will come white (belts)
  81. Korindo Aikido can be a devastating art if you are willing,
  82. Nobody knows the Grasshopper
  83. ANy women?
  84. monday class..... warning... rant...
  85. What i came to this topic for...
  86. How to self-discipline?
  87. Striking a Balance
  88. Testing
  89. At what point do you not need a teacher?
  90. Teaching Question
  91. Child safety policy
  92. Attention parents
  93. A Question About Learning
  94. Getting Hit
  95. Teaching?
  96. definition, just a few questions
  97. From the Student's Perspective
  98. Assisting in childrens classes
  99. Dojo Kun for kids !
  100. how do you deal with add
  101. what about when you first started?
  102. Instructor Maintenance
  103. MA quality when teaching for money vs teaching for 'free'
  104. Story of Courage
  105. let them create their own kata?!?
  106. caught in crossfire
  107. Failings of a Teacher
  108. Separate training?
  109. finally the teacher course is starting
  110. Sensei/sampai definition
  111. Wheelchairs and Reality
  112. Didactics: Students correcting students
  113. The IMPACT crisis (fear of being hit and how to overcome and deal with it.)
  114. Philosophy of the Sword
  115. Teachers course... lessons learned - will update frequently
  116. Bad Behaviour
  117. Are your classes safe?
  118. can you work with teenagers?
  119. Black Belts staying power
  120. Ever fail a belt test?
  121. jiu-jitsu fighting system
  122. The Disruptors
  123. Motivation
  124. What would you do?
  125. Is it posible?
  126. My Karate teacher has gone to far!
  127. missing my dojo
  128. Break in Training Suggestions
  129. Looking for insturction
  130. Speed Stacks
  131. Successful Kid's Tournament
  132. teaching blind students
  133. Question to Iaido teachers...
  134. Non Dan Ranks leading class?
  135. For the Love of Teaching.........................
  136. how do you let your students address you?
  137. Women's Hakama.
  138. Training Disabled Students
  139. Anybody want to teach these guys?
  140. promotions and growth
  141. should i complain to my teacher?
  142. schools in lakeland fla area
  143. What's the right response?
  144. An open request to all members/styles.
  145. I need help finding a martial arts school..
  146. Curriculum for Judo beginners
  147. Big question
  148. Study regarding violence and martial arts
  149. When to admit defeat.
  150. the only student that shows up is the only female one, what do you do?
  151. asking for help
  152. BJJ-JUDO Techniques for children.
  153. Teaching budo to children with emotional and behavioral issues
  154. shocking protective clothing for females
  155. How to find a good school?
  156. Post here if you wish you'd done JMA in high school
  157. womens issues
  158. Budo and the Disabled
  159. Martial Arts and Breast implants
  160. SEVERAL martial art questions
  161. Video of Karate On line (karateondemand.com)
  162. teaching more, training less
  163. Traditional Teaching
  164. a serious question for all
  165. Umm... am I posting in the right forum???
  166. Teaching with a Language Barrier
  167. Child with Aspergers wants to learn Judo
  168. Friend or Teacher
  169. Vacations for Dojos
  170. What percent would you be willing to give up for a student
  171. Seniority in training
  172. How does your teaching style differ from your teachers.
  173. Care and Feeding of the Visiting Japanese Shihan
  174. Crossroads or just a speed bump?
  175. Teaching Karate/Self Defense at a college
  176. Teatcher and student etiquette
  177. Aikido and Children
  178. The Social Responsibility of being a Martial Arts Instructor in you Community
  179. Seeking Info On Some Old Sensei
  180. What to do when young students throw tantrum?
  181. Working out to much?
  182. its never too late to get out of abad deal
  183. Training the family
  184. Vienna Dojo/Dojang
  185. training partner needed
  186. Protecting the Children in Your Dojo
  187. Joke about teacher and student!
  188. Junior High School Issue in the Dojo
  189. What style do you teach?