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10th February 2002, 20:38
Can anyone recommend a good computer software game that I could purchase. Thanks.

Ben Bartlett
10th February 2002, 23:14
Well, if you are looking to play against other people, Yahoo! Games has Go, and it's free. :) If you're looking for a computer opponent, you're plumb out of luck, because Go is too computationally complex to create a good AI for it using current game-playing algorithms. Way too many potential moves. How's that for more information than you ever wanted to know? :D

11th February 2002, 17:06
Igowin is a progressive player-versus-computer 9x9 grid Go game, which starts you off at about 25th Kyuu and progresses upwards. Apparently, it has a 6th Kyuu rating from Japanese Nihon-Ki-in, based on test games and matches against 9th Dan.


Alternatively, there is a GNU version of Go.


(You will almost certainly want a nice UI for this one, as it is a DOS prompt based version. try TanGo - http://www.amourtan.com/tango015.exe)

Since I am just trying to learn the basics of Go myself (I've tried playing a computerised version for only a few hours so far - its such a fun game! Well, at least I think I now understand the basics, and that dodgy Ko rule etc :)), I cannot judge how "good" these programs are.

For multiplayer fun, there is always Yahoo! Games.



Christian Cooper

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11th February 2002, 18:18

The latest version of Many Faces of Go can be purchased at: http://ishigames.com/

The latest version of Many Faces of Go can also be purchased at: http://www.yutopian.com/

HandTalk can be purchased at: http://www.yutopian.com/

Many Faces of Go version 10 is a nice program for learning Go. It has a zillion features like: having access to thousands of joseki, many pro game records, TgWin client software for playing on IGS type internet go servers. On the NNGS go server (http://nngs.cosmic.org/), you may still be able to play against Many Faces of Go. A great way to try it out.

Handtalk was once (still is?) the strongest of all the computer go games.

Anyway, the stronger you get the more you'll probably want to get away from playing against a computer go game. You can pick up too many bad habits. You'll know when, so up until that time Go playing software is a nice option.



P.S. I'll add these links to Go Faq / Links.