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15th February 2002, 12:40
i'm an italian kenshi and i'm new in forums. If everyone is intrested to speak to me, i will be very pleased.
Sorry for my english!!!!!!! (if you want, we speak in italian)

Steve Williams
15th February 2002, 19:49
Hi Giacomo, and welcome to e-budo.

Which branch do you train at, and how long have you been training? (we may have met at an international seminar at some time).

No apologies needed about the English, I would rather bad english than make you read my very bad Italian :idea: (I do not know much at all, although my wife speaks a little).


15th February 2002, 22:20
Gassho __||__

Hello Giacomo ;
Welcome, I am also a rather new comer to e-budo, I have found every one very friendly and always willing to answer any questions. Were you at the Internationsal Taikai in Paris last year? If so , we probably met. We were staying in the same hotel as the Italians,so we saw everyone at breakfast and on the bus to the sports centre.

Take care and don't worry about your English, it's nice just to communicate.


Onno Kok
Alberta Shibu
Calgary Canada

16th February 2002, 12:55

Ciao Giacomo, hello Steve and Onno,

As you say Onno, and as you prove Steve, everyone is very firendly here. So welcome to you Giacomo.
Giacomo, are you going to be in Messina in late june ? If so, maybe we can meet there !

PS : your english, doesn't "sound" worse than mine, and at least, we are 2 people with a mother tongue other than english ;)

16th February 2002, 14:31
Welcome Giancomo,
All Shorinji Kenshi are brothers and sisters wherever we are (and we're in 28 countries now). You're very welcome, no matter the quality of your English. Or shall we speak Japanese? :p

Anders Pettersson
16th February 2002, 16:50
Hi Giancomo.

Just to fill in with everybody else, Welcome to e-budo.

As for English, I also have another native language, many of the members of e-budo does, its no problem.
Even gramatical and spelling freaks like Tony can be nice to us, even if our spelling is not perfect. :laugh:
It is ok, most people will understand anyway.


17th February 2002, 16:42
thanx to all.
The name of my branch is "Cadorago Branch". I think that i will go to messina at the end of June. Kenshi from other country will go there???
I hope yes. I went to France last year. Very cool.

Good Week to all!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)))))