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20th February 2002, 16:52
Hi everyone!

I'm writing these lines because I would like to creat a Dojo...
But because it is a surprise for my master, I can't ask him informations... I'm practicing Aikido and iaido since more or less one year, and to say the truth, I never thought these arts could turn in such passion for me!... Unfortunately, here in Brasil, my master doesn't have a Dojo, we are training in a sport academy...

I got now the opportunity to build a dojo... And I know that for my master and for the other student, it could be something wonderfull to have a place for us practicing. We are 7 students of Iaido / Aikido and soon Kendo.

Some of you could help me in this project? Telling me the best devises to use, the goods material, the avezrage size we need... Everything...
It is not urgent of course, I prefer to take my time to do the things right! :)

For any information, please write me an e-mail at ekinoxtofx@free.fr or ben-pete@bol.com.br

Thanks to all! ;-)

20th February 2002, 19:25
Katsumushi-KI ,
I can't really give you any advise on building a dojo except to give it a suitable flooring, but I would like to wish you the best of luck. It is a very noble thing that you intend to do , I hope your Master appreciates it.


20th February 2002, 20:29
Thanks a lot for you support! ;-)

What I need in fact is to know what is the average size suitable for the Dojo (we are 9 if we include the Master). I don't know what to do about the floor because we practice Iaido and Aikido... I know that a wooden floor is better for iaido and Kendo. But hummm a little bit hard for aikido isn't it?

What else should I know? .... I'll let you tell me my friends!

Thanks by advance!


21st February 2002, 03:44
Using tatami mats for the floor would probably work, since they provide firm enough footing for iaido and kendo but are soft enough for aikido I would think. They are available from several dojo supply websites, though I don't know any offhand. The size of the dojo is probably dependent on the amount of money you have to spend on it. Hope this helps.

Joseph Svinth
21st February 2002, 15:02
In the article on Bernie Lau at http://ejmas.com/jcs/jcsart_svinth_1101.htm , Bernie described building his own backyard aiki dojo that included some photos, references, and miscellaneous suggestions.

His specific reading list included the following:

* Anderson, L.O. How to Build a Wood-Frame House (New York: Dover Publishers, 1973).
* Itoh, Teiji. Kura: Design and Tradition of the Japanese Storehouse (Tokyo: Kodansha, 1973).
* Watanabe, Yasutada. Shinto Art: Ise and Izumo Shrines (New York: John Weatherhill, 1974).