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John Lindsey
23rd February 2002, 12:23

Steven Malanosk
23rd February 2002, 17:32
I remember him!!!!

He was at our Empi Ha kata seminar.

He had a dinner engagement and had to leave early.

Obviously stuck on the 6th movement of the first 10 move segment.

Looks like he has lost some weight, since I told him that if he was going to keep wearing a speedo when he comes down to Florida, he would have to also learn the cabbage soup diet kata.:smash:

24th February 2002, 03:49

Yes, I have also seen him...he was one of the reasons Joe Svinth orders seminars shirts in XXL for the EJMAS sponsored/associated seminars.

Tom Militello
"To those who are, what they are, I understand!"

8th April 2002, 17:35
Think I saw him aboard the U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt about two weeks ago..except he was wearing a khaki uniform..;)

8th May 2002, 17:47
He is gonna be in the new movie. I dont like him all that much, which now I gotta put up with him even more? About the only funny thing I saw him do in the previews was take on the Sumo wrestler.

Son of Thunder
10th June 2002, 16:33
Originally posted by PHILBERT
I dont like him all that much

Oooooh. Frisky, are ye?

Don Gwinn
27th June 2002, 01:08
Dude, I'm a 3xl in almost everything, and Fat Barsterd is whole lot beeeeger than I is. 2X would be big enough for his chins!

9th July 2002, 20:06

...Is that you?