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Robert Liljeblad
27th February 2002, 06:56
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Iím curious about one of Sokaku Takedas students called Toshimi Hosaku Matsuda. I find it hard to find information about him. How come? Do anyone know when he lived and for how long he studied with Takeda ?

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Arne Oster
27th February 2002, 10:36
Unfortunately I don't have much information about this senior student of Daito Ryu Aiki Jujutsu, either.
In the 1930's, up until around 1936, he was the DR teacher of Okuyama Yoshiharu (Yoshiji) also known as Ryuho Okuyama, founder of Hakko-ryu Ju-jutsu. (This is what I've been told while studying Hakko-ryu since around 1975 Ė more off than on ;-)
Arne Oster

27th February 2002, 19:29
Matsuda began training in June of 1928 at the age of 33. Then later received the kyoju-dari certificate from Takeda Sokaku. He was also a admiral in the military, but just one on a long list of admiral, vice-admiral, lieutenant-colonel, and majors who were also students of Sokaku.

Antonio Cobb