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Anders Pettersson
1st March 2002, 09:18

I am very sorry to inform you that Roy Colegate sensei tragically died yesterday, 28th of February 2002.

Roy-sensei died during a training session in Boxercise (I don't have any more details as of now). Since Roy-sensei was very fit, this came as a big chock to all of us.

Roy Colegate was one of the people that took Shorinji Kempo in Sweden forward during the 70s and 80s.
He served as Shibu-cho in Bromma for many years and also acted as Kantoku for several branches.

Because of family and working situation he had some years off from active practice in the early 90s, but still kept contact with Shorinji Kempo. During the last years his training in Shorinji Kempo was again very active, mainly in the Stockholms Studenter Shibu.

Several of the leaders in Shorinji Kempo in Sweden today have had Roy-sensei as their teacher.

Roy Colegate was only 53 years old.

Best wishes.

Anders Pettersson

1st March 2002, 16:42
I'm very sorry.

Steve Williams
1st March 2002, 18:37
Sad news Anders

My condolences to you and all the Swedish kenshi.

I only met Roy sensei once or twice, but the tragic passing of any of our instructors is a great blow to Shorinji Kempo.

1st March 2002, 20:19
Very sad news indeed,

I just come back from training, and tonight, I imagined how I would feel if my teacher or a senior instructor here in france was missing.

I sympathize with your sorrow.

4th March 2002, 21:02
We are very sorry to hear Roy Sensei passing away

We also had opportunity to practice with him here in Finland.

With warm memories

Timo Mäki-Kuutti
Assistant Branch Master
Jyväskylä Branch Finland

PS. Is there an address to send a remembrance card