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1st March 2002, 15:49
Gassho Anders Pettersson.
I've got a little question. When you will come to Italy, you can bring vhs about SK advertised in your web site??
Cost of ship in Amazon Japan were expensive and Amazon USA can't ship the videos outside USA. ;-(
No problem for the money. Thanx a lot.

Anders Pettersson
8th March 2002, 10:41
Hi Giacomo.

As for the videos that we have information about on our web site, it is just info, we don't sell them or have any at stock.
It is listed on how to buy them (from Hombu, from the BSKF and from Amazon) so I am sorry you have to order them yourself from the respective seller.

As for Amazon not shipping outside of USA I find that strange. :confused:
I know a Swedish kenshi that bought the video "Shorinji Kempo aka: Killing Machine" from Amazon not that long ago.

On a side note I can mention that we have recieved some more info on the gasshuku in Messina, Italy. I think we will be a few from my branch going there.


11th March 2002, 06:43
thanx for all. I will re-try from Amazon (I want see Sonny Chiba in action).
See you later in this forum and in Messina. :cool:

Have a good day