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John Lindsey
3rd March 2002, 21:48
I added a new feature this weekend called Karma. You can get good karma and bad. Karma is based on your actions in the forum and how your fellow members like or dislike what you have to say. If your karma gets too low, you loose certain rights till you just fade away....

This is a new feature and there might be some bugs...

3rd March 2002, 23:53
Just wondering... can I tell who has been rating me, and how? Afterall, a single twink can end your ebudo days with a series of bad karma reports, no?

Gary Beckstedt

Kit LeBlanc
3rd March 2002, 23:58
So, if people don't like what you have to say, but you say it in appropriate debating fashion, you can still be condemned to E-Budo Hell?

I hope that's not what you mean, because that will kill the board. Myself, or say Dan Harden, or a few others that tweak some noses will not be long for this place....

John Lindsey
4th March 2002, 00:00
Good karma is more easy to come by than bad. You can see who disagrees with you in your message karma.

No single hit can wipe you out. :) Don't worry too much about this karma stuff.

Plus, there will be ways to cash in on your good karma as well...

4th March 2002, 00:07
Although I have yet to experience Karma, my gut reaction is that it's a bad idea. Now people can be condemned to e-budo hell just for voicing a dissenting opinion.
Will I be cast out now I've disagreed with the great John Lindsey?

Kaith Rustaz
4th March 2002, 02:08
I've seen similar features on other forums. Done right, it can be fun. :) Done wrong, well, thats where the admin gets out his big stick and beats the problem into submission. :)

4th March 2002, 03:27
Originally posted by Kimpatsu

Will I be cast out now I've disagreed with the great John Lindsey?


Like we needed Karma for that to happen ;) Seriously...I can't recall John ever kicking someone out for merely disagreeing with him. In fact I think he has been far more patient with several folks than I know I would have been.

Anyway...I think we should give him the benefit of the doubt and see how things work before getting up in arms over it.

4th March 2002, 04:33
To tell the truth, Michael, it's not John that I worry about; it's some of the others on e-budo. If they can all vote to throw me off the board for disagreeing with them, then free and fair debate has gone out of the window. And what about the flip side? People agreeing with any old tripe just to win karma points, with John's teaser of prizes for the winners? E-budo as a debating forum will be finished. I still think karma is a bad idea. And for saying that, I'll probably incur -1 zillion points. ;)

John Lindsey
4th March 2002, 04:50
First of all, this is a test and we will see what happens. Nobody is going to ebudo hell unless I give the final approval. The easy way to build karma is to post messages that people will respond to and read. If you post spam or something way off topic or silly, it won't get you much karma and you will probably loose a little. Moderators can also dish out larger amounts of karma. But, just because you disagree with me or a moderator won't mean bad karma. Do it right and you might get some good karma :).

So, if you follow the rules and live a clean life here on ebudo, then good karma will happen.

4th March 2002, 06:05
i like the idea....

4th March 2002, 11:31
Dunno what to make of it, but I guess it's worth a shot. By the way, did everyone start out with a Karma of 1?

Dan Harden
4th March 2002, 11:52
You and I better get on over to some threads and start agreeing that Aikido teaches you modern combatives-and BJJ is invincible. Heck we better start agreeing with everyone on everything. These modern warrior Budo guys? Their real sensitive you know.

Lets all dance under the Disco ball now
John sings- "Dont rock the boat"
We answer- "Dont rock the boat baby"
John- "Dont rock the boat"
We- "Don't tip the boat over"

Just kidding John-though popularity contests usually reduce a group to the mediocre common denominator and are better done face to face.

Dan "who loves everyone and sends them flowers" Harden

4th March 2002, 12:31
Does Dan's obvious brown-nosing earn him good or bad karma? :D

Mike Williams
4th March 2002, 14:02
Instead of karma points, couldn't you hand out e-budo belt rankings instead?



4th March 2002, 14:33
Perhaps we can do like the major television studios and networks do. Enough of these boring PBS style "Are these authentic 17th century markings?" or "Vocabulary of Japanese Armour" threads, already. Let's have more exciting avatars, to start. We need to get some younger, more photogenic actors to stand in for some of our members, and let's get some threads about topics that are more likely to attract the 16-25 year old demographic, like "Use of Japanese archery in car chases", "Deadly secrets of Spec-ops improvised spear techniques" or "Top twenty five babes of the Booj". And we'll need to hire some better writers to "adjust" some of our bios. I mean authenticity is all very good, but come on here...We need some more catchy stories about exciting occupations like "Extreme Sports Hazard Medic" or "Shadow Government Tactical Security Professional" More "Action Man/ GI Joe" and less "Antiques Roadshow", If you catch my drift.
We could even do some catchy theme music. I'll be glad to start taking bids on preliminary design for a line of exciting new action figures and vehicles...

Oops. I think I'm already hearing catcalls and hisses...:look:

Oh well, it looks like I just bankrupted my Karma, or as E-trade said in their Super Bowl ads three years ago "Well we just wasted our million dollars. What are you doing with your money?":smash:

John Lindsey
4th March 2002, 14:53
One thing I am wondering about is IF our members will use the karma function. For instance, the "rate this thread" option is not used very much at all.

Neil Yamamoto
4th March 2002, 19:07
Seeing as I'm a cockroach in the martial arts world this life, I'll take all the help I can get.

Maybe the karma rating will help me here. For some strange reason people seem to like what I write.

Nicolas Caron
4th March 2002, 20:03
My only question is, what exactly is the point of that karma thing? Why should I want to get more karma points??

Not seeing the point of this I can't I like teh idea too much. But then we'll see how it goes...

5th March 2002, 01:03
Well i wonder about members like me the strong silent type who read lots but post little. Is the karma going to do them any good? if so how?

5th March 2002, 15:56
I'm kind, I love you all, I love all your arts!!!!


Martin Leroy D

5th March 2002, 16:10
we can rate threads ??????

now why am I always the last one to find out about these things...

Nicolas Caron
5th March 2002, 20:40
Ok a quick question about this karma thing.

When attributing Karma, how exactly does it work? Is it something like "I agree" == +1 and "I disagree" == -1 ?

If so may I say that I don't like that system? I can disagree with a post but still think that the other person brings some interesting points and should get a +1 karma.

Just curious about that...

5th March 2002, 23:16
I think this is a great idea, and a good way to boost activity on the board.

Cady Goldfield
6th March 2002, 01:45
Can't we just give someone an electric shock if we don't like what they write? I think there's new software for that.

6th March 2002, 03:11
Originally posted by jboler
...and with this, starts my "Bergstrom Cannon Fodder.."
Mark me down for Bad Karma starting now.

Username: W.Kent Bergstrom
Comments: Disrespectful to others as usual

woooo ... and so it begins ...

6th March 2002, 03:18
Originally posted by Cady Goldfield
Can't we just give someone an electric shock if we don't like what they write? I think there's new software for that.

Sorta like a "Tazer-You-Tazer-Me"? I like it. You know, it would only be a peripheral device ... I could make one real fast from parts out of my Mouser catalog and whip out the driver in a weekend. hmm ... I see marketign potential ...

... sad part is ... with some planning and some moderate engineering, i really could do it.

6th March 2002, 06:28
I seem to be getting +1 karma for every post I make...

6th March 2002, 15:31
Originally posted by Rogier
I seem to be getting +1 karma for every post I make...

That is part of how it works. There are other various things that add or subtract karma automatically. It is not just a matter of when someone rates you.

6th March 2002, 22:12
Karma karma karma karma karma chameleon
I couldn't resist.
OK, you all hate me now. I will go.

Jerry Johnson
6th March 2002, 22:39
How about the old stand by of;

"my karma just ran over your dogma"

I couldn't resist either, let's face it, its infectious. :o

6th March 2002, 22:45

My keyboard is a Korg Karma...does that count for any extra points? ;)

joe yang
8th March 2002, 02:58
That's okay Mr. Johnson. It's reassuring to know we won't be penalized for talking stupid. That had me worried!:D