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4th March 2002, 12:48
What would be needed to open a dojo that could be used to teach 40 to 50 students throughout the week? I would like to know the cost of basic equipment, mats, insurance and all the other stuff that is probably not so obvious?
Thanks Steve

Robert Wolfe
4th March 2002, 19:47
Steve --

Given that "opening a dojo" could mean anything from starting a class at the community center to building an authentic facility from the ground up, it's difficult to provide an estimate of costs.

As a general rule, figure it's more than you ever dreamed.

Another handy fact to keep in mind is that almost all students quit, and of the few who don't, most of them die...

Give us a few more details of your plans, and I'm sure forum members will have some good information. (And one detail you need to provide is your full name, in accordance with E-Budo rules. Thanks!)

-- Bob Wolfe

Shitoryu Dude
5th March 2002, 17:18
40 to 50 students - going to need a couple of heavy bags, some kicking targets, mats for about 500 square feet, some bo staffs. Any catalogue such Century can get you all that stuff for several hundred dollars to a couple of grand. That is just to get started.

Figure a computer and some business software (Quicken Pro would do nicely) or you'll need an accountant to keep track of tax laws, figure another $1000 - $1500.

Now you need a storefront someplace, figure on an empty office space somewhere where occupancy is low - most likely 3 months rent up front. You will need insurance, and get some injury waivers made up (you might want to talk to a lawyer about how that).

My best guess is at least $5000 just to get started, perhaps $10,000 if you live someplace where costs are high.

I'd go the community college route - get permission to teach at the gym for a nominal fee, have everybody sign injury waivers, and be willing to take on college students. You should be able to use the wrestling mats and maybe they will have a heavy bag. Stick all the cash into a savings account and when you have a good-sized core of students have them help shop around for a suitable location the school can afford. You might also be able to get a free computer when somebody upgrades - just don't expect anything fancy.