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John Lindsey
5th March 2002, 19:25
E-budo has grown tremendously over the past 2 + years. So much so that it is starting to be a bit more difficult for me alone to handle the maintenance, development, and monitoring duties. I have no problem maintaining our current level, but what I want to do is raise it to the next level, and for that I will need your help. Our moderators are doing a great job in their forums, but I donít want to overload them with extra work and responsibilities.

Thus, I now introduce Team E-Budo. This will be a group of members with specific skills and talents who wish to help in the development of our web site. There are several Teams available at this time:

1. Web Development Team- HTML and PHP experience a plus.
2. Product Review Team- Review books, videos, and websites.
3. Graphics Team- Develop new artwork and prepare video clips for Internet viewing.

If you are interested, send me a private message explaining what team you want to be a part of.

4th June 2003, 17:02
Need too know how I can go about joining E-Budo.com Team

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