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John Lindsey
6th March 2002, 05:44
Seems that we average over 200 new members a month.

215 February 2002
236 January 2002
189 December 2001
114 November 2001
215 October 2001
238 September 2001
214 August 2001
253 July 2001
258 June 2001
236 May 2001
248 April 2001
294 March 2001
168 February 2001

Nicolas Caron
6th March 2002, 10:13
I wonder how many of those stay in the long run and how many just come around for a few days and then never come back.

John Lindsey
7th March 2002, 12:29
A high percentage of our members just lurk, and never post. They join to probably use features like 'subscribe to threads, ignore users,' etc. Many people email me that they enjoy the discussions, but have nothing to say. This is true for most discussion boards.

Ron Rompen
8th March 2002, 01:48
I am frequently one of the lurkers....once in a while I jump into a discussion that is of interest to me, but in a lot of cases, I think we (the lurkers) feel somewhat overwhelmed by the majority of the membership.

Most of us are kyu belts, and don't have a lot of experience in our chosen style......nobody wants to look like a total idiot in front of the rest of the world.

On the other hand, I never worry about it too much.....after all, why dispel the illusion now?

Nicolas Caron
8th March 2002, 05:01
Well... I myself read much more than I post here. If it can reassure you I am still only a 4th Kyu in my chosen style and many years away from my black belt.

But anyway, I'm sorry if my post sounded like a complain about lurkers, that was not my intention. I was just curious about the number of "inactive" members...

I have been a lurker for quite some time myself before daring to post a couple of times :)

10th March 2002, 22:57
Greetings! Alas I am a beginner again. I guess it is my white belt mentality, always the student. I was a member back when E-Budo only had a thousand people, however in 2000 I had computor troubles and did not visit for a while, came back sporadically for a while but after an absence of about a year and I no longer existed on E-Budo! Boo Hoo for me!! LOL. My favorite discussion was on the refinement of weapons using mineral oil, or in my case linseed oil. Remember that thread John?? LOL. Anyway the place looks great, I recognize a lot of old names and am happy to be back.
Joe Knight :D

Steve Williams
11th March 2002, 23:26
Great to see so many new members.

But it would be a good exercise to see how many members have more than one "account"?

I have only one here, but I have 2 on another message board!!

I know for a fact that a few have more than one username/login!!

Ron Rompen
12th March 2002, 00:32
I have a hard enough time managing ONE account per chat room / message board, etc.

Even in the old days when I was a BBS user (with a C=64 and a 300 baud pocket modem) I always used only ONE alias.....there was just too much to do just as myself without having to bring in my alterego.

13th March 2002, 05:49
But anyway, I'm sorry if my post sounded like a complain about lurkers, that was not my intention. I was just curious about the number of "inactive" members...

It didn't sound like a complaint to me, I've wondered about the same thing. Other message boards have few members, but BBs are only a small part of the show.

I have a well-known alter-ego. Everyone knows it's me no matter what my username is.;)

I wonder sometimes, such as The Aikido Journal Message Board why my member number is as high as it is when I was one of the earier members, but then I've posted perhaps three times there.

Everyone is a lurker somewhere.


20th March 2002, 17:14
:) Thank you for inviting me to join. Found this board from a post on another, which referred to a string here somewhat-less-than-complimentary toward a particular school. Without reference to whether the training discussed is good or bad, the postings were eloquent and inciteful, and I look forward to participating on this forum.

22nd March 2002, 22:38
I have reformed my lurker ways! (I seen da lite!)
John, What is your total membership up to these days?

23rd March 2002, 07:45
The member numbers, along with the number of posts and threads are at the top of the index page, the page you get when you hit "visit forums."

BTW: A note on the few rules, and if Ravens, Ron is your real name, then you're just fine, but if it isn't, then please sign in with your real name. The sig. editor can take care of it, or you may sign each post manually. The former is the easiest.

But heck, Welcome to E-budo and delurking for the moment.:wave:


27th March 2002, 14:57
Originally posted by Steve Williams
Great to see so many new members.

But it would be a good exercise to see how many members have more than one "account"?


I have a second account. I went to log in from a different computer and I forgot my password so I created a new ID. I later figured out my password. C.E. Boyd is the second account if an administator wishes to delete it. I don't use it probably just takes up space on some table. Though, I guess I could use it to give myself some karma. :D Thank you for your support.

30th March 2002, 01:46
Yea. Great to see new members.
Including myself new member :nin: :karatekid :smash:

John Lindsey
30th March 2002, 02:53
We also average between 250 and 375 members visiting e-budo within 24 hours. This does not count repeat visits, just how many unique visitors.

30th March 2002, 02:57
great then. :saw: