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joe yang
13th March 2002, 16:35
Can you kill, are you prepared to die? Pretty highbrow stuff huh. I hope non of us ever get put to the test. Let's get real for a minute. Could you give someone a beating?

13th March 2002, 17:01
The answer is obvious. There is always a bunch of persons who are so annoying that you would like to beat. And cos there are so many of us, pure probability says that for everyone of us, there is somebody to beat the crap out. Amen.

József Pap

Bob Blackburn
13th March 2002, 17:03
A beating? No. I would make sure he was neutralized before I stopped. If that constitutes a beating, then I will change my answer. ;)

Mike Williams
13th March 2002, 17:28
Honestly - only as much as necessary to neutralise the perceived threat.

I genuinely hope that no-one here would give anyone a 'beating' beyond that.

There probably was a time in my life when the answer would have been less considered. Thankfully I've got all of that out of my system.

It does raise a question, 'though - in the heat of battle, would you have the good judgement to recognise when you are going too far?



13th March 2002, 18:42
Defend my life? Yes, that's what I'm training for.

Defend my wife? You're lucky if you get away with a "beating".

Defend my posessions? No. I study insurance-fu for that.

Response to an insult? No. I'd just be proving their point.

Out of nowhere? No. Unless I completely lose my mind.

Defend my dojo? Only if their ninjas are trying to make off with the secret scrolls, or defile our shrine. :D

"I'm walking the path, but it's so *long*!"
Bill Warren

Charlie Kondek
13th March 2002, 18:47
"I'm walking the path, but it's so *long*." Good one, Bill! Welcome to e-budo.

FWIW, I think it would be much easier to give a beating than to kill. Although the thought of seeing someone rolling around in intense pain as a result of something I did fills me with dread.

13th March 2002, 19:36
The only circumstance in which I could see myself doing something like that would be if someone I love was under attack. While I would far prefer to simply neutralise the attack, I can oly hope that I would have the appropriate restraint not to turn it into a beating.
I really can't see myself thinking "It's about time I give that %^%$## idiot a lesson!" though. The perpitrator would have to be doing something really repugnant to elicit that sort of active response.

14th March 2002, 02:18
yes. I am sure that anyone who went to public school (that should be most of us) has either been on the recieving end or the giving end :) In regards to the word beating, are you implying roughing them up for an unspecified amount of time. If yes then no havent done that yet or plan to. In school the only beatings dished out were a hard punch to the stomach.....
1. verbal insults, avoid/ignore (dont let people percieve that they have control over your emotions)
2. physical (pushing/shoving), avoid if possible, if not read above...
3. physical attacks, kick their butts as quickly and as painlessly as possible for your health and theirs.
4. beatdowns are really not appropriate, it sounds like an escalation of force, especially if the threat is neutralized.

(all of the above applies in a school setting, at least in my situation. Physical Force shouldnt be used unless your in danger of Physical Harm.)

lidia chachanashvili

Shitoryu Dude
14th March 2002, 06:01
Some people just need a good ass-kicking.


David T Anderson
14th March 2002, 18:03
While I recognise that a good ass-whuppin' can have a positive effect on the attitude of a bad guy, I guess I've been sufficiently indoctrinated by my Aikido sensei that I don't think I could do it..

OTOH, every Aikidoka knows lots of ways of applying non-damaging force that still hurts like be-jeezus. I wouldn't rule that out in a good cause....

Also, in a situation of deadly threat, I wouldn't lose any sleep over breaking a bad guy if I couldn't avoid it. But to deliberately apply damaging violence without it being utterly necessary...? Nope, I don't think so.

Shitoryu Dude
14th March 2002, 22:14
I think the number of people in the world (at the the part of it that I live in) who have a ass-kicking coming to them on general principles is quite small. I think I've met only a handful in my adult life, and only one of them managed to push things far enough (took a swing at me) to get the beating. Still, I could have done much worse to the guy from a legal standpoint before I crossed the line.


28th March 2002, 23:05
Sometimes the thinking process is not even present and all we do is react. Just to walk away is a very difficult thing to do but if you can, as a Budoist, I think you should.

As to use too much force:idea: that could be another thread. But I think once the assailant is down and neutralized then that should be it. No need to carry it any farther.

3rd April 2002, 22:18
I guess my answer really depends on who you had in mind. :D

3rd April 2002, 23:17
'A Beating' seems to sigfnify punishing someone. I think I would be capable of doing that which is required to avoid injury to myself or my family. Whether that consists of a 'beating' or a 'killing' would be up to the assailant.

Mike Collins
23rd April 2002, 01:57
I could give someone a beating. I have given several someones a beating. I have received more than several beatings.

I'd prefer to give them a sammich, and a soda. I'd prefer to give them a hug and a pat on the butt. I'd prefer to give them a compliment.

But if it became necessary, I could once again give someone a beating.

And karma being what it is... If I should need one again, I'm very sure someone would come strolling along who is perfectly suited and inclined to dole out a nice juicy beating for me.

That's the way the universe works. If you're willing to give one, you'd better comport yourself in just such a way that you don't qualify for one.

And anyone who claims to be a "fighter" who's never taken a beating, is probably not as much a fighter as a bully. A true fighter isn't all that careful about who he/she fights, they fight cause that's who they are. And there is ALWAYS someone tougher, I guarantee it.

23rd April 2002, 10:12
The stong ones are few and far between!

Just came from a meeting that informs staff of particular ailments, illness, injuries etc that students have that we should look out for in teaching or doing sports.

Sad to say there is again a marked increase in those that can't even get as far as the class and have to take lessons in a seperate room and counseling. A lot were mentioned this year that in situations of stress or extreme heat would lapse into state of incontrollable bouts of heavy breathing etc.

Seems that kids are becoming weaker and weaker in Japan. Recently on television it said that they are among the weakest in the world.

I do seem to spend an inceasing amount of time trying to educate them in things that you would expect then to learn at home.

Hyakutake Colin

23rd April 2002, 16:44
Hi all,
I find it very hard to simply 'lash out' if I am angry....Things are nearly always thought through FAR too much before I feel I should act.
That said when I HAVE been in a situation that someone 'asked for it' I don't turn them down...Problem comes when you are unsure of what you SHOULD do..both legally and morally..That is a major problem that I have.
Martial arts has made me far less 'openly' violent toward others though..I don't start fights, or act in a way that requires a slap. I think this is because I am more aware of exactly what MIGHT happen were I to fight..(When you can't fight you do, when you can fight you don't...What the hell is that about?:cry: )
Like Colin-san has pointed out...People are far less athletic/fit/able to fight back now than before but attitudes (In particular of Teenagers here anyway) have become SO vital that that is all they can offer against you...Pure attitudes..It is hard NOT to want to slap some of the people I see here and in college. Restraint is called for:laugh: ....Most people REALLY don't expect any kind of actual violence despite the fact that crime has always been there..They are unprepared and 'open' to those who want to cause harm..Take a close look next time you are on a bus or in a supermarket at the ease with which you could hurt others...Seriously...It is commonplace to see people almost oblivious to others and certainly FAR from able to stand up for themselves in any kind of conflict...That and computers:kiss: go a long way to helping the idiots of society do what they want when they want to...
(Sorry...momentary lapse..I'm fine:redhot: )