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14th March 2002, 05:12
Hello all,
I posted in the clothing and supplies board about where to get a vertical rack for a jo and received one response that suggested hanging a jo instead of racking it. I was wondering if any other people had ideas/suggestions/or thoughts on how to store a jo. Thank you.
Aaron Miller

Mark Brecht
14th March 2002, 05:35
Originally posted by Anthroman
I was wondering if any other people had ideas/suggestions/or thoughts on how to store a jo.


Mark Brecht
14th March 2002, 05:39
:D To store or carry to practice.

A close up of the pattern and the extra padded bottom part.

Tony Peters
14th March 2002, 05:45
I have a weapons rack on the wall that I store my Jo, Boken, Shoto, Hanbo and my Iaito on. My Kusarigama also hangs by a strap from one of the hooks. Now I don't worry about warpage as my sticks spend enough time off the rack while practicing to insure proper rotation. BTW I made the rack with 1x1, some dowel, a drill and some glue

Jack B
18th March 2002, 22:17
I used to store my good jo hanging in the closet, suspended by an eyelet screwed into the end (teacher's suggestion). This should have ensured perfect non-warp-age, however it proceeded to warp just how it wanted to anyway.

I had another cheap jo that I kept in my car trunk. The trunk lid dripped water into the trunk if you opened it after a rain. The jo has a little waterstaining, but remains perfectly straight. I have come to the conclusion that the jo is going to do what it wants. A colleage of mine is of the opinion that slightly warped jo seem to have a better feel to him. YMMV.

I have some in a horizontal rack, and a bunch in a vertical rack, and they seem to store the same. If you don't use your jo enough to keep it oiled (from your hands) and turned, it doesn't matter anyway. "It's just a stick, and if it breaks get another one!" as another teacher once said.

Jack Bieler